A Proactive Approach 

We are a Durham, NC based company that values and appreciates the relationships we build with each happy customer. We know our clients are happy because we regularly ask! Our owner personally visits each site on a monthly basis to ensure cleanings are meeting her standards and expectations. Additionally, we provide our clients a form every 3 months that asks specific questions about each area we clean!

Some of our Differentiators

  • Devotion to Customer Satisfaction - Owner monthly inspects each client's facility and provides our cleaning teams regular feedback.
  • Our Customer Satisfaction Form - Provided to the client every three months to grade each area we clean. You may have even been unaware of some of the nooks and crannies we clean!
  • Historically Underutilized Business - We are a local, small, minority-owned business that values community engagement and growth! Let's build and clean the Triangle together!